Drumming with a sense of joy

'Music could perhaps be called the most truly human form of dialogue we are capable of. Though people may differ in the color of their skin, the language they speak, their customs and ways, or the material culture which surrounds them, the power of music makes it possible for them to instantly communicate and respond to each other's innermost feelings.' Daisaku Ikeda, Japan.

Why African rumming As Team Building?

Drumming and music in general is the most tribal way of communication. Communication methods through drumming and music are an actual language. Nevertheless, since our sessions involve a 'new way' of communication which delegates perhaps haven't explored before, all challenges and achievements work at a personal level. They are centered solely on the construction of behavioral communication, and despite individual differences, it would stimulate the appreciation of diversity building mutual support and trust.

So will 'just drumming away' strengthen my team?

We should always remember however, that the fact of playing drums is not the major part of the team building session - it is not a game to entertain. It is fundamentally aimed to achieve your results and goals as well as looking into all strategies used in order to achieve the targets. These strategies do not differ from common verbal or 'standard' methods of communication.

It is important in our sessions to constantly encourage participants to consider questions like:

  • What will I (we) remember about our own team's behaviors from this session?
  • How can we improve our team performance based on what we learnt?

After our sessions, we would then make a record of the key learning points raised and all the action taken in order to gain an effective team performance on drums so that delegates will apply these in their workplace.

Our job is to allow delegates to transcend differences questioning themselves about what is the best way of working together, opening new doors into a value creative way of conflict solving.