Corporate Events and Entertainment London

Enlighten your conference in a new fresh way!

Our fun rhythm activities and motivational workshops for conferences work at various levels - they help staff to relax, reduce stress and have fun during the process.

We ensure to provide an activity which refreshes the group, without the necessity of having to stop for a break and will keep them motivated for the rest of the day. Everybody will leave the session willing to do the best of their abilities.

Our conference activities vary in methods and instrumentation from live performances to a massive group of 1.200 delegates performing altogether!

Whichever the activity you prefer in your event, we aim to provide a perfectly tailored session according your needs. We provide Corporate Live Shows, ice-breakers, energisers or a mix of these.

Corporate Events and Entertainment London

One of the most commonly requested Conference sessions from our customers are centeres in our sessions with boomwhackers.

A boomwhacker is a percussive instrument in a tubular shape that produces a single note, they come in different colours and each colour represents a note. Its execution is similar to a shaker and is very light and easy to handle.

Each delegate will be given a boomwhacker to participate in the activity. During the session, one of the exercises that we do is assigning different groups to an specific colour of boomwhackers and we will work on synchronising all of them together as a team creating different sounds.

This generates interaction between delegates, they learn to listen to each others while creating different rhythms, and they establish dialogues and strengthen relationships in a new fun and unconventional way.

We often use presentation with chronograms to facilitate the flow of our session and help delegates focus on our main aims for the day and if suitable, we also like using specific examples of goals/missions in our chronograms tailored to the company's profile.