Salsa is a contagious activity and it is great way to bring people together building stronger bonds among staff. It certainly helps everyone to have lots of fun while learning a few moves too!

How our sessions work:

Our experienced Salsa instructors can run sessions tailored to different settings:

  1. As a one off-show/event package we can for instance bring everyone together for a 20 minutes (or more) fun and entertaining session after the main dancer performance -if you require one for the event- or alternatively we can create a scene where everyone gets to work together in various groups with a leader on each group to finally coordinate into a massive team bonding routine!
  2. If what you are looking for is more centred on a corporate fitness and wellness program to increase productivity within your team then we also have different packages of sessions for large and small groups.

We also offer as a package Salsa Corporate Dance Shows where our dancers perform in from of everyone as a show and then bring everyone to stage to 'recreate' their performance.

The benefits of our team building Salsa events:

  • Increased savings and productivity
  • Enhances a more productive and positive environment
  • Decrease frustration & Re-work
  • Improve team effectiveness
  • Brings people together
  • Help delegates respond quickly and efficiently to change
  • Help employees get fit while having fun on the way
  • Healthy and happy employees!