In educational conference events or INSET training days these activities also have an extra advantage because the whole learning experience helps build teachers' confidence in their ability to pass on their musical skills within their respective schools.

Our World percussion workshops are a very motivating learning experience that teachers also find it as a very powerful tool that they might want to use in their classrooms.

Our school workshops are also designed to explore cross curricula approaches and bring teachers the opportunity to develop these in their respective subjects and across the curriculum. History, RE, Literature and even Maths are subjects trictly connected to our activities.

We also provide schools, community projects and educational establishments with workshops and after school clubs.

Our aim is to provide a variety of quality World Percussion workshops that uses a wide range of the world's most exciting percussion instruments integrating listening, appraising and composing activities.

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Music Mode led a workshop on African drumming as part of a Deputy Head Teachers Conference in Waltham Forest. They provided all the equipment and encouraged us to work together as a team to develop our sense or rhythm, creativity and fun. Perfect for keeping us active and energised after lunch!
- Gillian - Waltham Forest