'Many in Body, One in Mind': Our motto says it all. Our aim is to provide complete unity among delegates. We specialise in team development and our various activities are tailored to provide an enjoyable but intense team work activity in an inspirational way to unlock individual and group potential.

There is where Music Mode centers its activities. Just because people are gathered together does not mean that they will necessarily be united, but during our various types of workshops we start to realise that with the process of unity and team work, we can trancend all differences and achieve: everything.

  • Team spirit: Delegates socialise and interact with each other in a perfect and organic way. It helps them develop deeper levels of social interaction and understanding of themselves and others.
  • Emotional intelligence & creative thinking: helps improve delegates' ability to think abstractly through the creative process of music making.
  • Accelerate Productivity: Our activities align delegates to a common goal and everyone works on the same rhythmical pulse and musical structure, motivating staff getting them to listen to each other generating an increase of productivity in the workplace.
  • Self-expression and self confidence: a non-verbal language, it conveys a complexity of emotions. It helps delegates to convey their ideas and emotion through the creative process. What this generates is a boost of confidence and a sense of achievement both at a personal level and as a group.

Everyone is given their own drum ranging from 10"/ 12" genuine African Djembes to hand help percussion and taught the basics of African drumming Team Building, hand-technique, rhythms and cross - rhythms. We usually start with body percussion activities as an ice breaker and warm up. Then we learn a whole rhythm piece, call and response, songs structures as well as improvising individual and group short patterns.

Delegates learn to listen, respond and co-operate with each other to create rhythms with drums and percussion instruments. These improved skills work at conscious and sub-conscious levels and carry over into the workplace

We constantly facilitate our session with humour and ensure everyone feels confident during the process. We also tailor the activity to the group needs so everyone can get full benefits from it.

During the process, we analyse our session with questions and metaphors about team building and refer these to normal interaction in our work place and daily life. We like using specific examples and analogies tailored to the company's profile - especially if there is any possible area for improvement that have been noticed and brought to attention.

Depending on the nature of the training, we use chronograms in our presentation to facilitate the flow of our session and also help delegates focus on the main aims for the day. In addition, and if the group feels that they can go even further, we can also add more activities including singing, boomwhackers and even Corporate Salsa Shows!