Vocal Coaching Team Building

Would you like to bring your team together and make them feel uplifted? Engage and empower each individual? Fire-up creativity and explore new ways of communicating while having fun? We believe that THE VOICE AT WORK group singing sessions can transform your team's well-being, relationships and overall performance.

A session can range from a 15-minute icebreaker to a 2-hour activity, to a full team-building day.

Music Mode provides inspiring, charismatic and skilled facilitators with over 15 years experience teaching singing and music to individuals and groups. He has the ability to bring people together in song and achieve much more than they believe they can

Benefits from Voice at Work

  • Learn to co-operate and work collaboratively as a team towards a shared goal
  • Explore different patterns of interaction and non-linear thinking, which encourage creativity and new ways of communicating
  • Enhance their vitality and well-being, release physical and mental tensions
  • Improve confidence levels and self-expression, learn to trust in their unique contribution to the collective
  • Feel more grounded, present and flexible, therefore more able to lead and to follow
  • Drop self-consciousness and limiting beliefs, become more authentic and available
  • Increase their listening skills and awareness of the 'big picture'-the collective field
  • Experience connectedness and ease while navigating through change and challenges

Our Vocal Teamwork Sessions

  • Cirle songs: group songs where the individual parts are simple, but the way they interlock and come together is complex and playful as in tribal music
  • Gentle body-work and stretches: help increase awareness of unhealthy postural patterns and provide ways to alter them through specifically targeted exercises
  • Breathing techniques: bring both calm and focus, increase self-awareness in challenging situations and help manage anxiety, anger and stress
  • Rhythm: involves using the whole body and the voice as a musical instrument, improves co-ordination and better communication between both brain hemispheres
  • Vocal exercises and games: using the spoken voice, vocal noises and singing to awaken the vocal and respiratory muscles, improve voice quality, expressiveness and power
  • Assembling of vocal arrangements
We are a GP Practice with 25 staff and organised an Away Day to promote team working, part of which included a music workshop session with Music Mode Training. Rico ran the session for us, combining the African Drumming Session with the "Boomwhacker Experience" and it was the highlight of the day. An excellent "shared experience" for staff who don't often get the chance to do things as one team.
-Philip Thompson, Practice Manager, Prince of Wales Group Practice